The Abyss- The primal chaos before creation.

The Abyss began in 2007 when singer/guitarist Sean Ozz and bassist Ronnie Kopal
connected to form The Abyss. Ronnie Kopal, had attended one of Sean’s first shows many
years before and never forgot what they were doing. Sean spent most of his adult life in
California creating his own tattoo and custom art business Sean also tattoos and paints
custom guitars which can be seen at Sean returned to Houston TX
around 2003, where he randomly met up with a familiar soul, Ronnie. Soon after
re-connecting, Ronnie asked Sean if he would be interested in starting a new music project.
Sean had been working on his art under the name The Abyss and the two agreed it would
be fitting for the sound and style of the musical art they would create…and so they began.
I nfluences for The Abyss include such bands as Jane’s Addiction, The Cure, Joy Division,
Radiohead, Muse, and many more. Their musical connection was instantaneous.
Both wanted to create a sound and style that was unique and far from mainstream. The
result is a form of music that is heavily influenced by visual art. The Abyss strives to capture
the emotion and feeling that today’s music has left behind.

After the band went through line up changes in the drummer position, in 2010
Paul Cannon joined the band. He had recently returned to the music scene after a long
hiatus. His last band of note prior to The Abyss, was an Austin-based band called
Skellington which included the front man for Spoon, Britt Daniel. With drumming/musical
influences such as The Cure, The Pixies, The Police, and Jane’s Addiction Paul turned out
to be an instant match.

In late 2012 with a new baby on the way Ronnie had to leave The Abyss behind. Paul also
had family duties that took him away around the same time. This line ups last performance
together was at Scout Bar in Houston Texas opening for famed punk rocker and front man
of Public Image Limited, Johnny Rotten.

The Abyss have quickly established themselves as a credible live act, having shared the stage
with PiL (Public Image Limited), ORGY, Boys Don't Cry, The Razorblade Dolls, The Scars Heal
in Time, and have made multiple performances for the Houston Zombie Walk, and The
Houston Press Music Awards. The Abyss has been nominated three years running
(2011, 2012 & 2013) for Best Rock and Best Modern Rock at the Houston Press Music Awards.

Melodic hard driven bass lines fill your head, with empowering dynamic drum mechanics
lock everything together. Sean’s unique voice and deep lyrics touch a familiar sadness
everyone that has endured at some pointin their lives while grasping onto hope and chance
for a better future. Doused with theright amount of effects to capture the mood, vibe, and
atmosphere, The Abyss stands outon their own upon a sea of imitators
in a new world of alternative music.

The Abyss plays regularly in live music venues in Houston, Texas, Austin, Texas and
San Antonio, Texas. In addition to local venues and clubs, the Abyss is also available for
booking for music festivals, private concerts and parties.

You can also join us at...